Couples Therapy

Overtime the love for someone can become complicated. Cuddling and compliments have turned to criticism and contempt, whether that be due to trust, jealousy, lack of intimacy or life stresses. The truth is it’s often the little things that build up overtime and can lead to lack of communication and intimacy. I aim to help couples improve their closeness & partnership while rebuilding a lasting foundation for love and happiness.

Love can become complicated but it doesn't have to be

Signs it's time to seek couples therapy

What to expect in couples therapy?

A therapist offers different ways of looking at conflict and conflict resolution. The main benefit of couples therapy is having a neutral party to help couples work through their issues. As a therapist I do not take sides and my outlook/perspective is neutral.

When you’re in an emotional situation, it can be difficult to have a different perspective other than your own. I provide you both with another perspective regarding issues that you may not have considered before.

I initially help both identify your motivations, whether to avoid pain (divorce, if that’s on the table) or gain pleasure (happier partner, and able to provide an example of a healthy relationship for the kids). From here we’ll work together to bridge the gap to where you both want to be.

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The phone consultation is the first step before starting therapy or testing. It involves a brief (15-minute) conversation between you and me. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions to learn about you and what you’re looking to achieve. If, after chatting for a while, we both feel that we’d be a good fit, we can then schedule you for your first therapy or testing session.

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Online Therapy

Same Support, But in the comfort of your own home

As well as in person therapy sessions, I’m also available to support you with therapy sessions online, and by phone.

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