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Therapy is important for those who feel like they are unable to cope, manage or understand particular feelings, in order for them to live a happier life. At times it can be life can be different degrees of good and bad, and nobody makes it to adulthood without a few scars. If you’re coping with a loss; going through a transition; living with stress, depression, or anxiety; or simply want to experience more happiness in your life, I can help you find your balance. We’ll work together openly and collaboratively to lay the foundations for real change. Whether this is your first time meeting with a therapist or you’ve been in therapy since childhood, you’ll feel welcome and safe.

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The phone consultation is the first step before starting therapy or testing. It involves a brief (15-minute) conversation between you and me. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions to learn about you and what you’re looking to achieve. If, after chatting for a while, we both feel that we’d be a good fit, we can then schedule you for your first therapy or testing session.

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Online Therapy

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As well as in person therapy sessions, I’m also available to support you with therapy sessions online, and by phone.

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