Child & Adolescent Therapy

Like adults children and teens deserve a space and opportunity to talk about their thoughts and emotions, when words fail them.

I work closely with children and teens to be that person to talk to when no one else seems to understand. My goal is to build trust and rapport through child & adolescent therapy so they can open up about what’s bothering them.

I help them build the skills they need to weather the inevitable storms of life. I share your goal as a parent or guardian of helping them become their best selves, growing into self-reliant, resourceful, and happy adults. (Even if that seems a long way off.) I also want you to know I respect the relationship you’ve already built with them and are here for you, too.

Child Play Therapy

Growing up isn't always a smooth journey, but it doesn't have to be rough ride either.

How to know your child needs a little help

A little note to parents

As a mother myself I understand that we all want the best for our children.

As soon as our children come into the world, we’re filled with love and worry. Are they happy? Will they reach their full potential? Are we doing too little? Are we doing too much? But every child is different and every family has its own dynamic. I’ve helped countless parents understand their child’s needs, from toddlers to teenagers — coaching them through all types of challenges such as anxiety, depression, and coping with parental separation. My approach of child therapy works by individually working with children through play, helping them not only open up about their struggles but learn strategies that build resilience and boost confidence.

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The phone consultation is the first step before starting therapy or testing. It involves a brief (15-minute) conversation between you and me. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions to learn about you and what you’re looking to achieve. If, after chatting for a while, we both feel that we’d be a good fit, we can then schedule you for your first therapy or testing session.

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